Sita and her son Asik

Sita's story: Working close to home
Sita, 22 years old, mother of Anjali 6, and Asik 3. Sita has worked in the embroidery group but is now the responsible in the body sewing group, because she is extremely neet in her work.
”I went to school for three years, then my mother died and I had to stay at home. I was married at 13 to a boy a year older than me. Now we have 2 children together and I am still paying of money for the abortion I had 2 years ago when I got pregnant for the third time.

What I like about my job:

I like my job because it enables me to work in the village. Since I have small children I cannot go far away to work. I also enjoy to sit with my friends in stead of being in my own house all the time. And having my own money means I can buy food and school stuff for my kids. Sometimes my husband takes my money, so I am also happy that we are now saving up in the bank together.

What I find hard:
My husband beats me up sometimes. Last time I had to go to hospital for three days. Only my children and my growing independence is keeping me up!

My dream:
I dream about having a brick house. If we save my wages and buy food and other things for my husbands wage, we can make it. I also want to get better at sewing so I can sew clothes for other people in the evening.
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